Professional Engineering & Logistics Support Services (PELSS)

Transportation Security Administration

Department of Homeland Security

Professional Engineering & Logistics Support Services (PELSS)

Project Highlights:

  • 300+ successful design reviews over 6 years (and counting)
  • 24 PGDS studies
  • 70+ cost validations/estimates

Project Description:

PELSS is one of TSA APM’s crucial enterprise contracts executing their mission of effectively delivering and implementing security technology and screening equipment to all federalized airports nationwide to thwart attacks to our nation’s transportation network, specifically aviation.

As a subcontractor to Global Systems Technologies (GST), Studdiford Technical Solutions, LLC is providing engineering, integration, and project management support to the TSA’s mission of protecting the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce through deployment of security technology to airports nationwide. 

The team is tasked with management and work plan development of initiatives such as Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS) design & constructability reviews, construction cost estimates, integration support for deployed Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) & ancillary equipment, Return On Investment (ROI) and life cycle cost analyses, CBIS modeling & simulation, and processing of CBIS design requests for variance (RFVs) and Configuration Change Requests (CCRs) for upper level and lower level Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming changes.  The team is also responsible for supplementing TSA’s Engineering Branch with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the execution of ATSA Team assessments of CBIS installations nationwide that experience degradation in performance or excessive faults. Additionally, the team is charged with oversight and management of the continuous updates to the TSA’s Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS) for CBIS, collaborating with a select group of BHS specialists assembled as the Industry Working Group (IWG).

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"Always a pleasure to have Bill (Mazzabufi) working on one of my projects.”
Elizabeth Negron-Diaz
Regional Planning Coordinator, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Acquisitions Program management
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