BHS Bag Claim and Make-Up Expansion (AZA)

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA)

Mesa, AZ

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

BHS Bag Claim
& Make-Up Expansion

Project Highlights:

  • Managed OEM, compressed schedule by 3 months
  • Completed project under budget by 5%
  • Doubled inbound claim frontage and increased offloading capacity
  • Expanded outbound make-up, more than doubling cart staging capacity

Project Description:

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport is experiencing exponential growth, with the increase in operations by various low-cost carriers. To accommodate the projected growth of checked baggage, both the baggage claim and outbound make-up areas were in dire need of expansion.  The Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport Authority (PMGAA) embarked on a program to expand two flat plate claim carousels, modify the TSA Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS) screening area, install a new outbound make-up carousel, and select a replacement/upgrade to the outbound upper level controller logic. 

Studdiford Technical Solutions, LLC (STS) provided design engineering support, installation oversight, BHS/EDS integration support and commissioning services to the Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR) team for all new BHS-related components for turnover to PMGAA operations and maintenance staff prior to operations by the occupying airlines.

STS produced bid documents including drawings and specifications; conducted pre-bid meetings and BHS Contractor qualifications; and provided consultation to DPR and PMGAA for Contractor selection.  Following award, STS provided oversight services including all submittals review including mechanical & electrical shop/installation/phasing drawings, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functionality, spare parts listings, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) literature.  Once on-site, STS performed detailed and extensive static mechanical/electrical, dynamic, and functional commissioning of the BHS, working in close coordination with the BHS installer, G&S Conveyor Contractors, for final successful close-out of the project.

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“Engaging Studdiford Technical Solutions as part of the project team was critical to the successful baggage system upgrade at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Their technical and regulatory knowledge and expertise of baggage handling systems was evident from our very first encounter. Larry (Studdiford) and Bill (Mazzabufi) were excellent to work with and look forward to the next opportunity with Studdiford Technical Solutions as part of our team at Gateway.”
Bob Draper
Engineering & Facilities Director, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority (AZA)
"I want to take the opportunity to thank you again for a fantastically successful project at Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport! You and your team not only went above and beyond expectations for the baggage expansion project, but the client was utterly delighted at the outcome. I look forward to working with you and your team again.”
Jim Lauer
Vice President, DPR Construction, 2019 (AZA Project)
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